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Ian MacAleer, in the mid-90's, defending his wicket in his own inimitable style during a match against Corbridge.

Photo by David T.Hewitson of Ovingham


BRow L-R -Fred Turner (Scorer), Ralph Hall, Leslie Tong, Ralph Henderson, Matt Elliot (Umpire), Archie S Tong (Chairman).

MRow L-R - Butt Hall, Archie Hindmarsh, Cecil English, Viv Fletcher.

FRow L-R - Tom Turner, Harold Stobbs (Wckt Kp), Ronald Edgar, Reg Turner (or Jimmy Tulip?)

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In this shot, Colin Burt is sporting an original cap. Moth-eaten and care-worn but still plenty of mileage left! The cap is in pretty much the same condition.

OCCC stands for Ovingham Church Cricket Club... the original Ovingham club.


Date - ? Event - ? Venue - Ovingham Middle School

BACK ROW: Bernard Cole ; Darryl Faulds-Pain ; Laurie Ingham ; Ian McAleer ; Dave Brown ; Mike Allen ; John Miller
FRONT ROW: Godfrey Good ; Ian Russell (?) ; Paul Forster ; James Outterside ; Colin Burt


Date - 20 June 1997; Team - The White Swan; Venue - Ovingham Middle School

BACK ROW: Chris Lynch ; Graham B? ; Geoff ? ; Trevor Bell ; Ross Parker ; Mark Best ; Geoff Best
FRONT ROW: Billy ? ; Colin Mead ; John Storer ; Joe Smith ; John Bennett ; Johnson S?


Date - 8 September 1996; Venue - Rock; Event - OBECC v Jolly Boatmen of Craster


Date - 29 May 1997. Venue - Corbridge. Team - Great Whittington (v OBECC)



Colin Burt shares a chat and a photo with ... yes, you're right ... Dickie Bird ! The occasion was a company anniversary dinner at Durham Castle around 1999 when Colin was the official photographer and Dickie was guest speaker. Colin still has the bow-tie. He can make it spin and light up.


Bloodied but not bowed. Michael batted on after scoring a four off his top lip in the match against Daviparts (28 Aug 05) to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Ray Marley had about 20 stitches in this wound picked up during a match in September 2011.

He's keen to encourage all batsmen to wear a helmet when at the crease.


 OBECC v. Bamburgh 26 August 2013. Perry has just delivered another dot ball. An iconic shot if ever there was one. Photo credit - Owen Humphreys - P/A - The Times 27/8/13.


One of the very first games v. King's School Old Boys at Tynemouth - 5 June 2002.

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